I have forgotten how to laugh – postpartum depression

“It seems to me that I will never be able to rejoice again”, “What to do next?”, “Why do I need all this?” – These words are often heard from young mothers whose child is not even six months old. Many mothers are afraid to admit this to themselves, mechanically taking care of their child. As a rule, relatives do not go to the meeting, believing that this is the cost of modern education, spoiledness, because the birth of a child is an incomparable happiness!

This condition is called postpartum depression. In most cases, women who have undergone a cesarean section are susceptible to it (according to statistics). But women who have given birth naturally also suffer from a similar condition. When giving birth naturally, a huge amount of endorphins enters the mother’s body, which is enough for the first six months of intensive care for the needs of the child. Even so, a doctor can diagnose symptoms of a mild to moderate depressive episode. Women who have undergone a cesarean section do not receive this hormone in such quantities; pain and unpleasant consequences from abdominal surgery come to the fore.

I cannot call this a disease in full, since women of a certain type of personality and temperament, who have unfavorable heredity, are mainly affected, and there are simply episodes of low mood and apathy, as a result of an absolute change in activity, albeit a long-awaited and happy …

So what exactly is Postpartum Depression? Is it a fashionable whim or is it really a state that requires correction, understanding and help?

The following symptoms occur:

decreased mood level, apathy
nightmares or disturbing dreams
an incomprehensible feeling, similar to indifference, doubts – whether I love my child or not and the most severe feeling of guilt for this
not passing longing.
Also, postpartum depression is necessarily accompanied by attitudinal behavior, for example, I must do everything “perfectly”, do everything, I must be an ideal mother, wife and hostess.

How can you help?
It is useless to try to forget your condition with numerous household chores, this will only aggravate the condition and lead to insomnia, neurotic and somatic problems. The help of relatives, an elementary rest is often useful, although for obvious reasons this is not easy.

How to recognize this condition in a woman?
Relatives should be alerted by a consistently low mood, especially in the morning, unwillingness to get out of bed, lack of initiative, a gloomy look into the future, constant irritation that causes a child, a feeling of anxiety, melancholy and hopelessness. In this case, the help of a specialist is required: a psychologist https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychologist, a psychotherapist, in other cases, drug support.

It is important to remember that everything is passing, and that a Healthy mother is a Calm and happy child!